A Detailed Shmoop Review

ShmoopShmoop.com is a digital publishing company that started in 2009. They offer test prep resources for many tests to help students. They provide SAT, ACT and AP classes, among others. They offer essay lab and flashcard builder which permits students to become
familiar with foundations of writing, e.g., expository essays and mathematical proofs. The company took pride in getting honored twice by the Webby awards and named the best Tech by scholastic administrator magazine.

Services Offered at www.shmoop.com

They deal with a wide range of subject guides from literature to historical events with depth, funny and entertaining themes. This is to help students concentrate while they are jovial. Everything has been broken down into manageable segments to help students understand. They seek to remove the notion that learning is hard. They believe that students can study with a bit of a fun twist to it. Shmoop com takes pride in knowing that their content is 100% unique and they present a consistent voice. However, the website has limited their topics. You won’t find science or math help. Shmoop com has decided to stick with general history, poetry and novels. They offer both free and premium material.

Free Material

Learning guides: shmoop.com offers a broad topic of in-depth guides, e.g., contemporary literature, chemistry, classics, US history, etc.

Essay lab: Students get to brainstorm, compose and edit their essays sections by section with guidance and tips in an interactive way.

Flashcards: shmoop.com flashcards allow the students to quiz themselves with the pre-made cards which are ready to use. They also permit students to create their own cards which are stored on their site, and with their permission, they can get shared with others.

Paid Material

Online course: This is great for students who want to supplement their studies; works well for the homeschoolers and is excellent for teachers looking for a variety of different subjects as they offer over 50 topics.

Teachers guide: shmoop.com has a subject guide which offers assignments, quizzes, assignments, discussions questions, pop culture and current events.

Test preps: They offer materials to help students study for SAT, ACT and AP exams. Some of the study materials are also in Spanish.

Shmoop for schools: shmoop.com allows districts to buy a license which permits them to access test preps and teaching materials. They also got a robust analytic program that lets them know which materials students are using and which areas is their weakness.

Level of Customer Service at shmoop.com

The site has many ads which can be a nuisance most times. They prove to be a distraction to students trying to have a regular session. The mode on which to reach them seems to be via email or sending mail by a box number provided on their site. They should make available a FAQs sections on their website to those clients who are not clear about the services that they offer.

For a great website such as www.shmoop.com, it is a shame that they are not easily reachable. The contact us link seems not to be working as it gets rejected when trying to reach them. They should consider working on it first to give clients a fantastic experience.

Employees at shmoop.com

The majority hired at shmoop com are professionals with PhDs and Masters from across the globe. They have writers from different diversity be it from Patagonia, Korea, Marshall Island, etc. They have gone ahead and hired writers from a different background, i.e., Americans, Africans, Asians, and Israelis. Most of the writers have been teachers at some point elementary school, middle, high school and universities. They also emphasize on stellar academic chop and humor.

Privacy at www.shmoop.com

They take students’ privacy seriously and do not share their information with anyone. They may even access the student’s education records, but they make sure that the information remains private and confidential. This is a plus for any educational help website!

Our Verdict on shmoop.com

According to this shmoop review, it is clear to say that the website is worth giving a shot. Is shmoop legit? From our investigations, we’ve not come across cause to question the site’s credibility. It works both well for the teachers and the students because shmoop.com provides all the information to the students. However, they still have a long way to go in covering all the topics. It might seem that some things might appear to be free but turn out to be premium content. With some shmoop reviews ranking it highly, they ought to consider giving their clients more free versions. Only a small portion of their fabulous material is free. All in all, shmoop.com gets an above average rating.

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