About Chegg

The company started as a textbook rental. They then introduced other new services like course selection, eTexbooks options, homework help and scholarship connections. Chegg now has an academic hub to make their clients learning better, more productive and accessible. They have established and built partnerships with 500 companies to get their brand reach college students.

Services offered by Chegg

The website gives coursework materials to students who feel overwhelmed and confused. The company is versatile and provides the following services:

  • Renting Textbooks

You can rent textbooks for a partial amount of the book value. A student does not need to buy a book they will use for just a period and then throw it away.

  • Using the Tutorial help

They have online tutors who are there to assist you and answer all the queries you might have. They have a variety of experts who are there to help students out. They also have an available App that you can use.

  • Manuals with solved Textbooks Problems

When students have questions, chegg offers answered questions for homework in high school or college. You can snap a photo of issues and send it to a homework help App for iOS and Android. Your questions could be from business, math, science, social studies and history textbook solutions.

The Claim of chegg study

They claim to be “the best kept secret for college success.” They assure a reliable and efficient textbook rental as well as online help from tutors. They also promise to answer the toughest school assignments. Although some people consider this study tool cheating, they, however, offer a step by step learning process. When they provide answers and give students the materials to use, they feel a student can achieve more. For high school and the college textbook, chegg promises a 90% saving.

How Chegg Works

They have a 24/7 online help where a chegg tutor is always ready to help students is the first option that they have. You can enter your question or keyword in the search box, and an expert in the field will answer you. They have a GPA calculator option too. You can hire tutors through a second option, and that is chegg study help anytime. They have 7000 tutors with 1600 available in the night according to chegg tutors review.

What the Subscriptions Include

You can access solutions for over 9000 books once you are a member. Any questions you might have, you can ask the experts anytime. They are not shy to say that their database holds millions of homework answers. Most people have seen this website as a God sent tool in helping them in the learning process. However, there are those that have had issues and complained that students should not get textbooks answers as it is profoundly wrong and unethical. To them, there is no difference with buying a diploma.

How do you Return Books?

You will be required to return a book in due time once you rent it. The moment you hand it to UPS, that is when counting begins. They deliver it back to you. There has been a collaboration between schools and libraries with chegg. It is their designated area of the return.

Once you are late in returning the book, an additional fee will be charged or full price for the book. Within the seven days, you can ask for a refund. It is entirely possible to ask for an extension of your due date. Just chat or phone them to let them know. If you do choose to purchase the book you have rented, just select more on your account to the book you are renting. They offer the option to buy, and any rental fee will get deducted.


There is a free trial for the first time client, and you can cancel within seven days. The payment for chegg study membership is as follows;

  • Subscription for 1month $14.95
  • Subscription for 1 year $74.95

You can cancel online anytime as they have a decent cancellation policy;

  • It will cost you 10 times less renting the book and student solution manuals than buying.
  • It costs 7 cents per minute to consult a tutor.
  • Free shipping is for orders that are over $85.

Guarantee Return Policy

Their return policy is entirely fair for students. Starting from the order date, you are allowed to return the book in 21 days. They will provide refund however you will have to pay for the shipping. In 2 weeks, a digital book can be taken back.

You will be required to buy or acquire the same copy of a book if you damage it. Chegg will make a deduction from the fee you had already paid when you rented on your purchase.

Chegg Review on Questions Asked About Chegg

From the user’s experience, there are who ask ‘is chegg legit?’ It can be considered pretty legit. There are online tutors ready to assist, and they have adequate textbooks, solutions, and materials.

Clients like knowing that the information they provide is safe and their information is private. When clients ask ‘is chegg safe?’ We can answer that it is very safe regarding the information that they provide on the site. Nevertheless, they do make mistakes here and there. But they claim that their textbooks solution manuals have been written by alumni, professors, and experts in the field. However, there are many small mistakes as they do not have crowd-sourced editing possibilities.

Again this is a favorite question among clients, ‘is chegg free?’ Well, they only give one week free trial. To continue using their services, you have to pay for the membership cost. It has been a controversial question and most common question, ‘is chegg cheating?’ You can rest easy if you are using the answers to understand the material at home. If you find yourself shakily using your smartphone trying to get answers to copy in the exam, well we can classify that as cheating indeed. If you are caught doing so, then you should be punished for it.

Chegg Review Summary

Most of the clients who have used the services thought chegg was superior to other websites. It is because they are better accredited and more available. Most people were happy according to chegg tutoring reviews. What is debatable though is the use of textbook solutions. It is an excellent service, but it gets used for the wrong purposes.

Pros and Cons


  • The step by step helpful study tool that takes you through the material
  • The 24/7 availability of online tutors
  • Renting a book instead of buying making a person save money


  • Some people consider chegg unethical
  • The yearly membership is not ideal for students
  • The lazy students take the chance to cheat on their exams


Many people ask if chegg does work. Well according to a chegg review we conducted, we can say that the website does work. If students know how to use it well, it can be helpful to them as it has all the answers. In study forums, many have said it is used as a cheating too. We think that if students use chegg without abusing it, it can be a huge benefit for them. When you are busy studying and have all the answers, then you are in a better position to pass your exams when the time is right. The students who use it during examination periods are the ones giving chegg a lousy name. We, therefore, give chegg an above average rating.

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