Easy Bib Comprehensive Review

Easybib.com is a platform that promotes literacy, allowing people to correctly take notes, cite references and research with a unique array of online tools. When a user uses the service, they can input some reference information and have it transformed in an instant into a certain style of citation such as MLA or CMS. The citation guides that they have allow students to see what kind of information they need to include for their referencing, whether it is referencing for a website, book or even a TV show. Also, along with the guides, there is information on where they can find the details and information from the references. Using this service, students can share and save papers, get confirmation on all their sourced materials and create notes. The system is also designed with teachers in mind, allowing them to spend more time on teaching how to fill up a paper rather than wasting it on how to cite effectively.

In order to create your own bibliography, you can visit the website and select whatever source you have, put in all the information and let Easy Bib format everything into a certain style e.g. an MLA. The bibliography can then be exported as an .rtf file that you can insert into your assignment with ease. Easy Bib easily creates citations, even with photos, sound recordings, and cartoons. It’s a very accurate system and technology.

Easy Bibs Services

EasyBib is an online platform that allows people to take notes and also makes use of research tools for educational purposes. It is clear that www.easybib.com reviews concerns and queries of both students and educators by providing a service that caters to both. The tools are fast and comprehensive, made for both educators to be able to teach and for students to learn how to research properly and in a well-organized manner.

All the tools and the online system on Easy Bib are powered by a system from CitationStyles.org, so one can cite according to numerous styles. Easy Bib supports most common citation styles such as the following:

  • APA style
  • CMS
  • Chicago referencing style
  • MLA
  • Harvard

The tools on offer are useful for high school students because they provide functions that they actually need, from bibliography creation to virtual note-taking and flashcard creation. With the services on offer, students can benefit effectively from being able to share their papers while they’re working on them with teachers or other students through the site or Chrome extension. The website also sports many useful guides to support students. You can really see the student focus when you read their guides on everything from citing correctly to writing and developing effective topic ideas. Easy Bib provides good clarification on exactly what counts as plagiarism a useful thing seeing as there are a lot of students out there that do not really know it.

The website is also an intuitive resource for teachers and other educators, allowing them to benefit from a series of comprehensive lesson planning guides, citation guides, blogs curated by literacy professionals, and webinars from professional development teams. Easy Bib offers a service catered towards teachers you can pay for the Library or School edition in order to gain access to educator platforms that allow teachers to host online classrooms and track the progress of their students. Teachers can benefit from Easy Bib lesson plans and can use them to create their research and lessons.

Another neat feature is the website evaluation tool that helps one to understand what site is reliable for research use, based on the top 50% of cited sources on Easy Bib. A document is provided with examples of nine different websites, three of which are credible, three that are OK, and three that are unacceptable. Easy Bib also provides a great video that shows their tool on website evaluation and how it can be effectively used.

Easy Bibs Prices

Easy Bib actually provides a great deal of services for free, including free guides and a free validity checker, so it’s good to try it out for yourself. If you would like to pay for their pro service, it is $9.99 a month subscription which is fairly competitive price, compared to other citation services. The pro option is rather good value for money in terms of its functionality, making the maintenance and creation of a bibliography extremely easy. The great thing is that you can have a free two-day trial to see if it works for you or not, on top of the free options.

Quality of Easy Bib

Easy Bib may not be the most visually appealing website in the world, but it sure does pack a punch. It’s a shame that the exterior doesn’t do the website justice, but one shouldn’t be put off by the rudimentary design. The best thing about Easy Bib is that it makes the process of bibliography formation very simple and it also explains the relevance and quality of sources in a very clear and succinct manner. This website is ideal for students who may not really grasp the importance of citing reputable sources in the correct way or students that cite without knowing what they’re doing (for instance, citing as much as they possibly can). Easy Bib makes it very easy to understand what sources are good and why some are not applicable for research papers or other assignments. The neat credibility checker is also a very helpful service that is easy to use and accurate if you type a URL in, Easy Bib can tell you if it is a legitimate source.

Easy Bib Customer Support

In terms of customer support, one is able to easily contact Easy Bib via a support section on their website where you can troubleshoot problems and also look at answers to common questions, but there are no options for phone numbers to ring directly, so the customer support does lack due to this.

In terms of refunds for their service, Easy Bibs makes this easy. Their team will give you a “no questions asked” refund for the service as long as you request it within 15 days of using the service. This is something that a lot of other services out there will simply not offer, so it’s great to see that Easy Bib pulls out all the stops to ensure a satisfactory service in the end.

Concluding This Easybib Review

So what can be concluded after this Easybib review? It is clear that Easy Bib service caters to both students and educators, and there are intuitive features on the website that allow easy access and comprehension. The customer service side is lacking somewhat, however, we would thoroughly recommend this service to students over educators because of the way that the tools are explained and the way that Easy Bib teaches the users about how to cite works properly.

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