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GradeSaverSuppose that you are in need of an essay, but you want the easy way out. You can try to acquire an essay online by purchasing it, but its quality can be questionable. You also risk having the same paper as the other student who had the same idea. Alternatively, you can
order a new paper. This is more viable, although potentially costly. If you are a Ph.D. student in need of an essay written in 3 days, the price will be very steep. Or, you could acquire some writing assistance from experts. Things like tips, guidelines, or other inspirations that you can use to write your essay. Does such a service exist? Yes, it is what provides.

Gradesaver’s Services

Unlike other websites that sell custom papers or give you free essays, Gradesaver takes it into a different direction. This website will not write essays for you. It will also not allow you to use its essay examples. They made it clear that they forbid the use of their materials without any proper reference. Unfortunately, Gradesaver is not for you if you are looking for someone to write your paper for you. However, if you need help in writing a high-quality paper, then look no further than Below are some of their services:

  • Access to a database of college admission essays and literary essays. In that vast database, there are example essays suitable for all academic levels that will meet your requirement.
  • Paper editing service in all academic levels
  • Access to pro-tips about writing from experts such as Harvard students. There, you can find out more about the books, like how they get written. This is useful if you need to write about them. The books you will find there are expertly analyzed chapter-by-chapter.
  • If you are not good at writing essays, Gradesaver also provides tips. Those tips include how to stop procrastinating, or how to overcome insecurity.
  • Lesson plans which are very useful for lecturers
  • Answer keys for various assignment in textbooks on a wide variety of subjects

Price of Services

Most of the services they provide are free of charge. However, you cannot access most of them unless you pay $19.95 for the premium membership. This is also a monthly payment. If you want to pay once a year, you pay only 99.95$. You can save up to $139.45 if you pay once a year instead if you require their service that long. Keeping your convenience in mind, Gradesaver also has its own app. That means you can get help from them in the palm of your hand. As usual, the app is free, but there are microtransactions.

Services Quality

Most of the other sites lack either quality or transparency. Some lack both. However, Gradesaver com found the balance between the two, which is quite remarkable. They mentioned that not all papers would get you an A. However, in their defense, they said that they wanted to make sure that their customer can comprehend the information on the paper. After all, a grade-A paper may be too complicated to understand. Moreover, the essays are meant to be examples or inspirations. You should not hand in their papers as your own.
You may be wondering, “Is Gradesaver legit?” Well, according to numerous sources and many a Gradesaver review out there, they are. They made it clear that the customer is the one who is responsible for the use of their materials. Therefore, handing in their papers as your own is really not recommended. While you can cite the materials from the website, you have to understand that you should not consider them as viable sources. The ultimate way to make use of this website to your best advantage is to study the papers. You can read the free essays to give you ideas. You can also use the study guides there to understand the book better. Again, the best you can get from this websites are ideas and inspirations. They may not seem much, but you will be surprised how much they help you without getting you into trouble.

Customer Support

Here, Gradesaver’s effort falls short. You can only contact them by submitting a form. There are no email or live chat. Alternatively, you can also reach them through social media. They have their pages set up there.

Final Verdict

Gradesaver is helpful for students who want to overcome their writer’s block and write decent papers. Gradesaver is very resourceful, and you will find all the tips and guides you need to score an A. However, if you want papers written for you, then Gradesaver is not what you are looking for. If you have written a paper and want to make sure that they are good, then it can provide you with a team of expert editors to look at your paper.

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