How to write an essay about your class

The essay is a prosaic literary genre characteristic of the modernist art of the early 20th century. Writers resorted to this genre to capture on paper their thoughts, fleeting emotions. The essay resembles a light watercolor sketch, and in literature – an essay.


  1. Essay is an egocentric subjective work. If the topic of your essay is classmates, the subject of work should still be the identity of the author: his impressions, emotions, thoughts. Write an essay on the bright life moment in which you and your classmates participated. It is not necessary to paint in detail the event. An essay differs from a memoir in that it does not record what is happening with logical accuracy. The sequence of events can be broken, as long as the essay reflects the course of your thoughts.
  2. The essay has almost no plot. You do not need to describe in the composition of a bright unique event. The essay can tell about the most ordinary school day and your attitude towards it.
  3. Write about your impressions. Use more images and comparisons: the prose genre, the essay still borrows a lot from the lyrics, artistic sketches. Describe some events or people in more detail and figuratively; in some cases, limit yourself to an easy sketch, a sketch, a mention. Think about what kind of associations each of your classmates gives you. Without naming names, you can accurately describe the person, focusing on his memorable features.
  4. Essay involves analysis, reflection, reflection. It is no coincidence that philosophical treatises are written in this genre, which pretend to state their own thoughts rather than scientific accuracy. Think about the reasons that prompted you and your classmates to take actions. What did you feel at that moment, what were you thinking about? Essay – a subjective genre. All the story should go through the prism of your personality.
  5. Traditionally, the essay has a small volume – about 1 sheet. In this case, the essay may not have a beginning and an end. The essay does not contain a form traditional for written work: the introduction and conclusions are excluded, the main part remains the main part of the essay.
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