PolishMyWriting.com Review

Polish My Writing makes use of advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools in order to find the errors within your writing. These smart tools can offer suggestions about what should be written instead. The technology is available under a GNU license and is an open source technology.

Polish my writing offers users a unique chance to spend less of their time having to edit their work. The service creates a language checker that monitors for:

  • Spelling;
  • Style;
  • Grammatical mistakes.

The Artificial Intelligence technology means that neural networks are working to provide accurate and reliable ways of checking for mistakes. The algorithms on polish my writing com review all your needs in order to make your writing better.

The intuitive algorithms are said to correct words nine out of ten times, making the best guesses possible by putting their service in the hands of competent and reliable robotic technology, instead of other services that rely on humans who can make errors. Some of the key features are that polish my writing detects large amounts of misused words if there are any, leaving your writing sound in fresh and without poor style. Not only this but the style checks up can replace complex phrasing with simple idioms, locating the passive voice and also routing out for hidden verbs. Any clichés and biased language will also be noted, making your style the best it can be. One other neat part of the style checker is that it can search for any redundant phrases, showing the writer what can be best to eliminate in order to improve the style of the piece of writing.

The grammatical check operates in a similar manner as the style check, often finding confused and repeated words and removing them if you would like to have them removed. This can be very useful if your writing gets full of confused words that make it lose its overall meaning. As with any part of polish my writing, the service is designed to make suggestions for you and can offer you the explanation as to why it has made this suggestion, making you a better writer overall in the process.

Prices for polishmywriting

One of the best things about this service is that it is free for personal use. You only pay once you want to use the service for a commercial purpose, but for personal use, it is entirely free. The price is not too dear for commercial premises, so it could be worth investing in, yet it’s best to check out the free service first. The free service will give you the best idea of whether or not you would like to invest in polish my writing services.

Unfortunately, polish my writing grants no discernible discounts or special offers on their website. With no discounts and special offers available, we think that they could bring in more customers if they had them. The lack of these discounts means that the service can’t be tried out for commercial needs, however, it is free to try out for personal use, so you can have a look and see if it works for you in that regard.

Polishmywriting.com Quality

We checked out the quality of the free online demonstration in order to see how well it would work. As with any algorithmic and artificial intelligence processing technology, we found a few errors, however, it is performed rather well on the whole. In our polishmywriting.com review, we scrutinized the online service with our own test based on a text that we put a few mistakes into.

The spell check office pretty much 100% accuracy with spelling mistake amendment and spotting the mistakes as well. It was able to very easily spot and correct what needed to be corrected. The intelligent grammar checking component of the service offered a similar level to the leading grammar checking applications and online grammar checking services. It was able to pick up errors from the most blatant to the highly nuanced mistakes, making it polishmywriting a pretty reliable go-to tool in terms of grammar checking.

We also ran plug-in extensions for WordPress to see how it would work and the results were very positive, the plug-in easily integrated and worked without any glitches. With polish my writing, the demonstration certainly seems to live up to our expectations, however, we did not spend a lot of time reviewing the commercial part of polishmywriting.com. It can be fair to say that the commercial product is of the same caliber as the free product, if not better, so on this basis, we can safely assume that the paid option will work well for all your writing needs too.

The website offers for customers and prospective customers a chance to ask for support through the medium of an online form. If you would like to ask a question or leave a comment on any part of the service, you can fill in the form and polish my writing com reviews your query and they can get back to you as soon as possible. We found that through this form the response was fairly prompt and swift; however, it would be much better if Polish My Writing could provide some sort of contact number, possibly toll-free, in order to facilitate better customer support services.

Conclusion for Polish my Writing

All in all, we can give a polishmywriting.com review of 8/10, missing out on a few points because of a lack of customer support options available. Polishmywriting.com is an exciting prospect for post-deadline article review services. Not only is the service free to try, we suggest that you give it a go to see if it works for you. What more does a review need to say other than it is free to try for yourself? It’s clear that when we tried the service that the algorithms and artificial intelligence employed to calculate any errors, and offered suggestions were on the whole reliable and accurate. We would recommend that this service would bode well for any prompt and timely proofreading needs, because of the sheer speed of the algorithms at work.

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