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Studying for SATs is a dreadful period for most students. Learning on your own is usually challenging since there is no accountability to the time you put in. From experience, the founders of developed these online prep courses for SATs and
ACTs. The site is fully automated and offers tutors to help you prep for your next SATs. Before registering with them, they provide a free consultation with a prepscholar academic advisor, and you can ask any question regarding SAT prep.

This may leave one to wonder, is prepscholar legit? From other prepscholar reviews, we can safely conclude it is. Their tutors are from all around the nation with different skills set to fit the student’s needs. They pride themselves on having a customized system adaptable to your strengths and weaknesses, with clear guidance and motivation.

Prepscholar Study Plan

Throughout your study program, prepscholar com guides you step by step. The website is user-friendly, and all the features are just a click away.

Below is an example of their study plan hour by hour:

The 1st 10 minutes

Sign up and start preparation: you will be required to fill in a simple form and immediately after submitting your payment details, you’ll be able to start their free trial. You will be required to fill in a survey which will help them know which areas you’re struggling with.

The 1st hour

Take a smart diagnostic: after you finish the sign up process, there is a 60-question diagnostic which will reflect the exact weak and excelling points across every skill of the SATs. A key point to note is that algorithms are developed by Harvard PHDs plus data from countless students to aid in producing accurate results.

2nd to 10th hours

Train your skills with a lesson: you will have to take 8 lessons. They are all online and take up to 60 minutes. Each lesson has 3 divisions. The first part is mainly to teach you about the strategies and SAT concepts. The second part is all about practice quizzes, and lastly, the third part focuses on reviewing the mistakes that you made. If you manage to ace the lesson, you advance to the next lesson, but if you failed, they schedule another class for you.

11th to 14th hour

Here, you can take a full-length practice test: you will sit for a 3-hour practice test. Once you answer online, they will immediately grade it, and you will have access to your score.

15 hours and more

You can continue with your customized prep. Once you have your results, you will know which areas you’ll need to improve on and keep with your personalized prep to develop your skills more.

Final Step

You are now ready to ace the SAT. After prepscholar, you will be an eager student. But if you fail, you can take comfort in knowing that there is a money back guarantee.

Services Offered by prepscholar com

They offer two types of products, i.e., prepScholar prep program and PrepScholar SAT program. They also provide their services in two forms, you can choose to self-study since their courses are fully automated, and you will have less supervision from the tutors. The other option would be to depend on their tutors mostly who will guide you on a one on one basis and customize the courses to your needs.

Pricing at

From the prepscholar reviews that we’ve come across, many view it as a pricey website. If you are seeking the services without a tutor, then it is affordable. However, if you’re looking at the one on one tutor plan, you will have to break the bank for it.

For the SAT online prep, you will part with $397. If you need it plus the tutor, $995. However, you will be encouraged to learn that in both plans, there is a free 5-day risk-free trial where you will get to sample their courses and decide whether they are beneficial to you or not. It is also important to note that they do not offer options when it comes to payment, you can only use a debit card.

Our Verdict on prepscholar com

This prepscholar review can rightly assert that it is a detailed website. As much as there are some negative prepscholar reviews out there, the positives outweigh them. A significant area that they have not placed much emphasis on is their customer support. Since it’s an online based learning tool, you would expect them to be readily available to reply to their client’s queries, but that is not the case. They are slow in response which is such a turn off to many potential customers. If they work on this and adjust their price tag a little, it would be an outstanding learning tool for all those who wish to prepare for their SATs and ACTs.

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